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Our Blog page is where we present thoughts, stories, cultivation methods and various interesting experiments we want to share. We will also introduce more advanced growing techniques which will expand your cultivation options beyond the scope offered in the course, and allow you to experiment. Be more creative and bring out the mad scientist in you!

Mushroom Cultivation Tips

Mushroom Cultivation Tips

Growing the Amazing Enigma Cubensis Blob Mutation

The aptly named “Enigma” strain of cubensis has a fascinating story behind it. This strain is a blob mutation that does not sporulate. It’s eternally stuck living across a single generation, through clones. If that isn’t enough to get you going, then wail till you see the pictures.

Temperatures for Growing Mushrooms
Mushroom Cultivation Tips

Regulating Grow Room Temperatures

Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and mycelium are generally the happiest between 22°C – 27°C or 70°F – 80°F. While they will grow in colder temperatures, their growth rates will be be far from nominal, and not ideal for cultivation.