Preparing for Magic Mushroom Cultivation - Part 1

So you’ve decided to try your hand at growing mushrooms. This decision is bound to start you down an incredible path of discovery, and we’re excited to be by your side to guide you through it. Our cultivation process is divided into two Parts: Part 1 – “Preparing for Cultivation” and Part 2 – “Magic Mushroom Cultivation“. Both these Parts are located under the navigation menu at the top of the page. Each Part consists of six or seven Units, and each Unit is broken down into easy-to-digest Steps specially designed for newcomers to the field.

In this first Part, “Preparing for Cultivation”, we outline the process of magic mushroom cultivation and list the required items for the grow. Next, we make or modify several tools such as Mason Jar Lids and build a Still Air box. We then learn how to use a pressure cooker safely and how to work under clean conditions.  Once you complete this Part, you will have everything you need to start growing magic mushrooms. But before you begin…

Medicine man preparing for cultivation

Getting Ready for Magic Mushroom Cultivation

Apart from your physical preparation, you should also take this time to learn more about the psychedelic experience, its history, benefits, and dangers. We can recommend a couple of books in this area. These books include essential information for anyone considering trying psychedelics – including some excellent advice on if and how to consume them. The book “How to change your mind” by Michael Pollan explores the history and science of psychedelics, as well as his own experiences with them, all while shining a light on the inner workings of human consciousness.

The second book – “The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide,” pretty accurately describes itself as “The Psilocybin Handbook for Safe and Ceremonial Use of Psychedelic Mushrooms. A Practical and Sacred Journey for the Awakening of Consciousness”.  It covers many important and practical topics – including safety, microdosing, ceremonial use, and more. This book is strongly recommendedWe wish you good luck with your cultivation journey!

Part 1 - Preparing for Mushroom Cultivation

Growing mushrooms basics

Magic Mushroom Cultivation Summary

A birds eye view of the mushroom cultivation process we follow – from germinating spores, all the way to harvesting your mushrooms. Don’t forget, this is a very basic outline, aimed at giving you a sense of the process.
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Collecting the Required Items for Cultivation

In this module we list and describe the various items you will need to get for mushroom cultivation – from substrates, grain spawn, pressure cookers, as well as everything you will need to cook and pour your own agar. Amazon links included, if needed. 
Electric drill for mason jars

Modifying Mason Jar Lid Covers

In this module we learn to modify plastic jar lids of canning jars. We later use these jars to make and store liquid culture, and to sterilize grain and incubate the mycelium. This makes the mushroom cultivation process easier and less prone to mistakes.
Still air box scaled last e1677012603250

Building a Still Air Box for Mushroom Cultivation

This module walks you through making your own Still Air Box (SAB) from a large plastic storage bin. The SAB will aid in protecting your work environment from contaminations, and provide us with a clean workspace when inoculating substrates or working with spores.
Mycelium cake e1677617721857

Building a Monotub for Mushroom Cultivation

This module walks you through making your own monotub, from a plastic storage bin. The monotub will incubate your mycelium cake until it fruits, and will help provide it with the high levels of humidity and fresh air the mushrooms need.
Pressure cooker with thermal gauge

Using a Pressure Cooker Safely

A pressure cooker stands at the center of your mushroom cultivation journey. You will cook, boil, hear, pressurize, sterilize and so much more with this versatile tool. This module aims to teach you the technical terms, parts and safe use of a pressure cooker. 
Mushroom agar pouring to petri dishes

Understanding Sterile Work Flows

This module covers the basics of keeping your mushroom cultivation environment as clean as possible, in an attempt to avoid contamination in every step of the grow process. Learning how to work and think in a sterile workflow is key to success.

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