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Frequently asked questions

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Questions about Magic Mushrooms and Cultivation

A “magic mushroom” in our context refers to a mushrooms of the species Psilocybe cubensis, also known as psychedelic mushrooms.

Depending on your experience, environment conditions and temperature – magic mushroom cultivation can take anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks.

This is an important topic you need to check with your local laws and regulations. In countries such as Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Nepal and Samoa, both cultivation and consumption of magic mushrooms are legal. These laws and regulations are changing rapidly, with Canada and several states in the US now decriminalizing psychedelics all together. It is your responsibility to verify the legal status of magic mushroom cultivation in your location before you attempt to grow.

Yes. While magic mushrooms are considered to contain some of the safest psychoactive compounds that exist, their use comes with certain dangers which you need to be aware of before making a decision about consumption. Make sure to educate yourself on the benefits and dangers of magic mushrooms before considering consumption. You can read more about this topic over that the shroomcircle.

Questions about

This site is purely educational and free to access so that people may learn how to cultivate these magical mushrooms. We do not sell anything, nor do we provide any services, consultation or advice.

Unfortunately, no. We do not sell or assist with purchase of any of the items mentioned on this site, including spores and liquid cultures. We are not affiliated with Amazon or any other vendor of the mushroom cultivation items we list on our site.

Unfortunately, no. We do not guide or teach mushroom cultivation beyond the efforts of this website. Saying that, we are always happy to expand and clarify our teaching process that we present on If you feel there are some points which are unclear or requires further explanation, feel free to send us a note via the contact page. If relevant, we will endeavor to update our materials to address your query.


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