Part 2: Growing Magic Mushrooms

Medicine man growing magic mushrooms

Now that you’re all prepared, the cultivation journey of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms begins! We’ve split the process into 6 Units. You start by germinating your mushroom spores, and then transferring the germinated mycelium into liquid culture jars. Once enough liquid mycelium has grown, you then transfer some of this liquid mycelium into jars of sterile grain spawn. These jars colonize, and are then mixed with bulk substrate in a plastic tub, called a monotub. The bulk substrate takes about ten days to colonize and then starts fruiting. Finally, after the first flush is harvested, several more flushes may emerge.

Magic mushroom mycelium in a petri dish

Germinating Mushroom Spores

The germination of spores into mycelium, on agar.
Part 2
Liquid culture jar with mycelium growing in it

Inoculating Liquid Culture (LC)

Once germinated, mycelium is grown in nutrient liquid.
Part 2
Grain spawn in a jar

Inoculating Grain Spawn with LC

Liquid Culture is then used to inoculate grain spawn.
Part 2

Inoculating Bulk Substrate

Once the grain spawn is fully colonised, things get poopy.
Part 2
Freshly harvested psilocybe cubensis mushrooms

Fruiting & Harvesting Mushrooms

This is one of the most magical stages which takes just a few days.
Part 2
1/400; f/22; iso500; 55mm; nikon d70

Getting More Mushroom Flushes

Get ready for more mushroom flushes by hydrating your cake.
Part 2

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