Growing Magic Mushrooms - Part 2

Now that you have everything you need to start growing, the cultivation journey of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms begins! We’ve split the process into 6 Units. You start by germinating your mushroom spores, and then transferring the germinated mycelium into liquid culture jars. Once enough liquid mycelium has grown, you then transfer some of this liquid mycelium into jars of sterile grain spawn. These jars colonize, and are then mixed with bulk substrate in a plastic tub, called a monotub. The bulk substrate takes about ten days to colonize and then starts fruiting. Finally, after the first flush is harvested, several more flushes may emerge.

Medicine man growing magic mushrooms

Part 2 - Magic Mushroom Cultivation Process​

Magic mushroom mycelium in a petri dish

Germinating Mushroom Spores

In this module we walk through the steps required to make  nutrient agar, sterelize it and then pour it into petri dishes in a clean environment, under the Still Air Box. The aim is to do this without contaminating the agar dishes in the process.

Liquid culture jar with mycelium growing in it

Inoculating Liquid Culture (LC)

This module dives into the process of making and sterilizing liquid culture, using mason jars and lids which we modified especially for this purpose. Once sterilized, we will go into inoculating the LC with live mycelium so we can use it for further inoculation of substrate.

Grain spawn e1677016213273

Inoculating Grain Spawn with LC

This module covers how to prepare, hydrate, sterilize and then inoculate popcorn grain spawn with live mycelium which was grown in the previous step. Again, our modified mason jar lids come to play in this step, with the custom injection ports we created.

Psilocybe cubensis mycelium spreading in bulk substrate

Inoculating Bulk Substrate

In this module we will learn to prepare and pasteurize bulk spawn for our mushrooms. Once pasterized, we innoculate it with the popcorn grain spawn we incubated in the previous step. This mixture is laced in the monotub we prepared in Part 1 of this course.
Freshly harvested psilocybe cubensis mushrooms

Fruiting & Harvesting Mushrooms

One of the most magical stages of mushroom cultivation. In this module we cover the process of allowing Fresh Air Exchange (FAE) in your monotub, which brings on the fruiting process. After several days, it will be time to harvest your first flush.
A fruiting mushroom

Getting More Mushroom Flushes

In this module, we look at the possibility of growing additional flushes of mushrooms after your first harvest, by supplying additional water (and possibly nutrients) to the mycelium cake which has formed. Anywhere from 2-5 flushes can be expected if the conditions are right.

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